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The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan is Arriving Late-Summer. In Style

Elegantly refined. Completely redesigned. This isn’t the Tiguan you remember. This is an entirely new design that’s sure to have you grinning. Feel the difference and discover the bolder, bigger, All-New Tiguan.

It’s powerful 2.0 TSI engine delivers 184 HP and 221 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with available 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive and Advanced Driver Assist, the 2018 Tiguan SUV exudes supreme confidence.

e-Golf: All Fun, No Fuel

Innovation is at the core of what we do, and part of innovation is finding innovative mobility solutions that go beyond fuel-efficient design. So, we designed a vehicle that isn’t just fuel-efficient—it’s fuel-free. As part of our continued commitment to shaping the future of mobility, we’re working to bring the e-Golf to Canada in the future.

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Car

The Tiguan GTE Active Concept starts in all-electric E-mode producing zero emissions with rear-wheel drive. If a loss of traction is detected, the front wheels engage within fractions of a second. The five-seat concept is based on the redeveloped Tiguan that will arrive in 2017 with a longer wheelbase and available seating for seven, marking the kickoff of Volkswagen’s significantly expanded SUV range.

Volkswagen XL1: Travels Far, But Leaves a Small Footprint

Beginning its life as a concept car, the XL1 is now one of the most fuel-efficient cars in production. A piece of science fiction come to life. Its sleek, lightweight design makes it clear that the XL1 delivers the most fun on the least fuel.

Although the XL1 travels with a small footprint, only 250 of these two-seat, diesel-electric hybrids will be made. The XL1 may once have been mythical, but today it is a reality.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept: This is One Bus Worth Waiting For

The new “Bulli Concept” gives a nostalgic wink to the classic Volkswagen microbus, 60 years after its original debut. At the same time, It’s an unmistakable example of Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation. The Bulli is designed with an electric powertrain and completely interactive driver interface, integrating an iPad touchscreen. It also has a more compact footprint than any of its predecessors, while still offering comparable interior space. The “Bulli Concept” has been designed thoughtfully and thoroughly. It may have been inspired by the past, but it’s fully loaded for the future.

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